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Promotions of the day on the App Store: 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure, Pointillisted, TurboScan Pro and more!

Check out our selection of promoes on the App Stores this Friday!

60 Seconds! It is an atomic adventure of survival, created by Robot Gentleman, where his decisions separate life and death.

60 Seconds app icon! Atomic Adventure

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Collect supplies and rescue your family before the bomb goes down, stay in your anti-thermal shelter, ration food and try to survive.

With just 60 seconds before an atomic bomb explodes, guide Ted through his crazy run around the house looking for his family and useful supplies. Everything will be against you time, your own furniture, your home that will be different during each game, and the fundamental question what is who to take and who to leave behind?

Arrive at the anti-thermal shelter on time and unharmed only at the beginning. All items and people you can save before the explosion will play a vital role in your survival. Each story will be different, each day will be overwhelmed by unseen events. Will all these stories have a happy ending? It all depends on you. Ration food and water, make the best use of supplies, face tough choices, and plan expeditions to no one's land.

What about? Check out a video:

And, do you think you can survive? ?

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Below are other iOS apps / games that together add up to almost $ 39 off:

Pointillisted - Photo Artwork app icon

Points as art.

TurboScan ? Pro app icon

One more good scanner option.

Wordophile app icon


Convoto app icon


Bloons TD 6 app icon

Style game tower defense.

Mini-U: Mosaic app icon

Board game.

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Enjoy the offers and have a great weekend remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! ?

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