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Trump government could affect – negatively – iPhones sales in China

As we have been following, Apple has tried everything to penetrate the chinese market. And to the company's desperation, the Global times (state-controlled Chinese newspaper) reported that sales of iPhones ?will suffer? under the government of the newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump.

During his election campaign, the Republican politician declared that China was a ?currency manipulator? country and would apply 45% import tariffs to stop them ?cheating?. Reacting to the statements and concerned about what might really happen, the Chinese newspaper expressed its opinion (not to say "threaten").

If Trump imposes a 45% tariff on Chinese imports, trade between China and the US will be paralyzed. Then China will take a tougher approach. Boeings aircraft orders will be replaced by Airbus orders. Sales of US cars and iPhones in China will be set back. () The new president will be condemned for his imprudence, ignorance and incompetence, and will have to bear all the consequences.

The newspaper said "a shrewd businessman would not be so innocent" and claimed that Trump did not have enough authority to actually enforce the tariffs.

The imposition of a 45% tariff on imports from China was merely a failure of the campaign. The highest authority a US president has to impose tariffs of up to 15% for 150 days on all imported goods and the limit can only be broken on the condition that the country is known to be in a state of emergency. In addition, a US president may only require a tariff increase on individual goods.

This could actually end up harming both China and the United States. Paul Haenle, a veteran US diplomat who director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center at Tsinghua University in Beijing, told the The guardian about the possible dangers if the tariff increase becomes real.

If he raises tariffs to 45%, I think it will be detrimental to our own interests and we will have downfalls that will affect our own businesses and our economy. Not being an effective measure; He can't reach what he plans. Then, from then on, he will have to moderate part of that portrayal in order to create more concrete policies.

Just like Haenle says, at the end of the day, not only will Apple suffer from all this, but the entire American economy and, I venture to say, affect ours as well.

, friends, it seems like the game has turned and China has the whole world in hand, in the same? ?

(via 9to5Mac)