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Linux, Hardware and PC Gamer, let's debate! – Peperaio Hardware Channel

Linux, Hardware and computer gamers in the same sentence? Hell Yeah!

Recently I was able to make a collaborative video on one of the most respected hardware channels in Brazil, the Hardware. In the video in question I commented on the current situation of the hardware scenario involving Linux, games and gamers computers. Linux and Hardware

In chat, I chatted with Lucas Peperaio, owner of the channel, where we discussed various hardware and Linux issues. There are many myths still surrounding these issues, such as the possibility of using Linux to play on Steam, support from leading hardware manufacturers, among other things, a very interesting video.

As a conversation, if you prefer, you can also just "play" and listen. The content can be absorbed in this way also without major problems, enjoy the video and also know the channel Peperario HardwareIt is very worth it.

As always good to debate, enjoy and comment your experience with Linux in this aspect below and there in the Lucas channel too, until next time!

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