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Corel buys virtualization company Parallels [atualizado: é oficial]

Who there certainly heard of ParallelsParallels Desktop, behind some of the world's best-known virtualization tools, is, for example, one of the favorite software for Mac users to install a Windows virtual machine on their computers without having to resort to more boot camp solution. Now the company is being acquired by another old acquaintance: the Corel.

O TechCrunch The Canadian developer, responsible for popular software such as CorelDRAW, WinZip and WordPerfect, is buying Parallels on an unspecified deal, but will conclude with a full cash transaction.

Parallels employees were informed of the sale on Tuesday, but the official announcement of the acquisition will only be issued when the final terms are negotiated between the two companies, and everything is expected to be completed by December. According to information gathered by TechCrunch, Corel plans to maintain Parallels and its products as a standalone operation without directly influencing their development or marketing.

Exactly the reason for the takeover or what led to the deal between the two companies is unknown: apparently Parallels was at a delicate time with investors and saw Corel's offer as a way to recover from a possible crisis; Canadian, in turn, is buying a number of smaller companies in recent years as an attempt to rehabilitate itself after a decade of few successes, which can be considered a crisis for a company that in the 1990s wanted to compete directly with the company. then supreme leader of the software world, Microsoft.

We will be on the lookout for purchase information and (possible) future changes in the Parallels product catalog.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 12/20/2018 s 17:45

It took a few weeks, but today Corel made the purchase of Parallels official although it did not disclose the amount paid for it. The company has ensured that it will continue to invest in Parallels products, including its famous Mac operating system virtualizer.

According to Patrick Nichols, CEO of Corel, the two companies ?share business models and strategies? and have ?highly complementary? products.

via TechCrunch