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Check out some more (not so useful?) Touch Bar apps for the new MacBooks Pro

If you still doubt the human being's ability to be a joker, try looking for apps for Touch bar on Google. Of the many you find, hardly more than five will have real and useful use in everyday life; everyone else will be apps that just entertain or show off the capabilities of their developers (which is nonetheless interesting).

Here are some applications for Touch Bar, and now it's time to list a few just to praise the genius of those who thought of creating them:

Touch Bar Piano

Piano and keyboard lovers (like me) are sure to have fun with this app. As can be seen on the video, it makes (mini) piano keys appear on the Touch Bar. The keys are very small and certainly do nothing for the entertainment of the developer. If you are interested in how it works, you can download it from this site.

Santa Touchbar

Touch Bar Santa

Imagine having Santa Claus in your Touch Bar doing exactly nothing to the sound of Jingle Bells Isn't it all you ever wanted? Now you can have your dream come true with this app (eternal laughs)! If you are interested in seeing / hearing this, you can download the app here.

Touch bar

Touchbar bar

Nothing is cooler than creating an app playing with the name of such MacBook Pros innovation. In this app you have some emoji options with different drink types. As soon as you click on any option, you hear the sound of drink being poured into the glass. Download here. each one that appears to me


Touch Bar Dino

Remember the dinosaur game that appears in Chrome when we go offline? He, who has even appeared on his iPhone Notification Center, can now also paint on the Touch Bar. More about him here.

Space Flight Touch Bar

Our well-known reader Guilherme Rambo also joked and made a very cool game of ships that is played with the up, down keys (to avoid obstacles) and the spacebar (to shoot). If you want, download the app on this page.


Leaving the best for last, this app simulates a version of the classic PAC-MAN game for Touch Bar. The app's creator, Henry Franks, told the VentureBeat who developed the app in a few hours, using only the Swift language. Too cool, no? Download the game here.

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There are still others as silly but funny as I mentioned them here; such as Knight TouchBar 2000, Touch Bar Lemmings, SL on Touch Bar and Sushi Bar Conveyor Belt. These guys from GitHub are having the party and I'm sure apps like this won't stop appearing.

(via 9to5Mac, iMore)

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