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British minister says schools need to balance student use of iPads

From time to time we see the Apple proudly showing the work he has been doing in schools around the world, bringing technology to various places to ?empower? schooling. On the other hand, I need to beware of the large number of children who are being neglected (literally) by parents and teachers, being educated and educated by Google (and all the dirt that can easily be found on the Internet).

Concerned about this, the UK Minister of Children and Families, Edward Timpson, stood against the overuse of iPads at Schools:

A problem we have seen in many schools is the introduction of iPads or tablets, taking over most school activities and being misused to practice bullying and other harassments that, unfortunately, we know happen. This is why we have increased the power of directors to confiscate and remove any material, among other things.

Although the minister did not disclose what kind of bullying or harassment would be these, the The Telegraph Timpson said that schools need to have a ?technological balance? that can allow teachers and devices to coexist so that there is no ?war? over student attention. The minister also said that the children are spending "their lives living on a tablet" and hopes the board can avoid this a bit.

Last year, one of the heads of the Education Department, Tom Bennet, came up with proposals to improve student behavior, even suggesting a ban on tablets and cell phones in the classroom. Even so, considering that over 90% of teens already have smartphones, this can cause a "stir"; In addition, studies at the London School of Economics claimed that where there was a ban, student grades dropped by 6%.

There is no doubt that technology is something that can be put to good use (see apps like Swift Playgrounds, Classroom and so many other initiatives). However, we need to remember that when technology began to surround us in all aspects of our lives, we were either young or old able to discern what is "good" than "bad," and what is lawful or not. to do with these tools.

What about the unborn children in this technological world, where any information can be obtained at a touch? Parents (or guardians) and teachers need not completely veto the use of technology, but teach a balance so that they know how to make the best use of innovations, without forgetting social interactions in the real world.

After all, if even Steve Jobs admittedly controlled the use of his own company's gadgets for his children, perhaps we also need to be careful not to deprive our little ones of the affection and real attention no technology can offer.

(via Cult of Mac)

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