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Apple Music, Pay, iCloud, and others could generate $ 100 billion by 2023

In today's talk of the Services as Apple's possible future primary growth engine, even surpassing the iPhone. However, Ma's interest in this prospectus is likely to be more intense than ever, now that the general public interest in its smartphone line seems to have entered a downward curve.

Well, if Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty's predictions are correct, Tim Cook and his class have nothing to worry about: Apple's Services category will become a very, very lucrative business in not too long.

The analyst recalls that in 2016 Ma set a target of doubling revenue from the segment by 2020. Given the fast pace it has been growing (FY 2018 saw a $ 37 billion result in the industry), Huberty believes that this happens faster than anticipated and that when Apple reaches the target it will quickly double it and then reach $ 100 billion revenue in Services already in 2023.

That is, if the predictions are correct, Apple's trend is increasingly dependent on products such as iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, App Store, iTunes Store, and the future platform. streaming from the company. The letters are already given to this movement: Apple has announced that it will stop disclosing the exact sales numbers of iPhones, iPads and Macs, probably already foreseeing a future in which its online services platform is its main source of income.

The question remains: How much does this influence (positively or negatively) on hardware development, which has always been Ma's biggest asset? This, dear readers, will only be discovered over the years.

via Apple World Today

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