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Robbers rob Apple Store and arrested after UK helicopter chase

Did you find that the wave of Apple store thefts Was it a phenomenon unique to Brazil from the United States? Because you found it wrong. The most recent occurrence comes from UK, and she has some very cinematographic details.

The information is from Daily echo: a Apple Festival Place, in the city of Basingstoke (southwest England), was recently invaded by three men, who attacked the security guard and fled with seven iPhones worth about 8,000.

After notification, local police began a chase involving ground agents and no less than a helicopter. In total, nine people were identified as involved in the crime; all were arrested and awaiting judgment; iPhones, in turn, have been recovered and seemingly doing well.

Apple Watch helps arrest bad guys

Meanwhile in the city of Roseville (California, USA), a resource of the Apple watch (or, more precisely, the service Search) helped the police locate the device and arrest two bandits.

According to information from Fox40, a man had his Apple Watch stolen by two bandits and used the Search app to locate the watch; The boy then notified the police, which was the location evidenced by the service and began searching the trailer found there. The cops had trouble finding the Watch (and thus incriminating the wrongdoers) until the owner decided to take action.

The boy used the Fetch app to make the watch beep, which allowed agents to find the device in a locker in the back of the vehicle and prove the bad guys, who were immediately arrested on charges of misappropriation and possession. of illegal substances.

Not bad, huh?

via Cult of Mac, iMore