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Learn how to post your 9 most liked photos of the year on Instagram

That time of year has come: retrospectives! ?

Like it or not, remember the main events of the year that is ending for many a therapy or sometimes a way to analyze what happened and better plan your future.

In the world of Instagram, the best way to do this retrospective is to generate a mosaic with your nine most liked photos of the year. Before there was a website for this; Now, we found a pretty cool app that automatically generates everything.

Top Nine for Instagram 2019 app icon -

In Top Nine, you just have to type the username from Instagram and wait a few seconds. If the app is overloaded, you will receive an email when the process is ready.

He generate an image like this, here:

Then just post it clear on Instagram! ? Preferably use the hashtags #topnine and / or # topnine2018, so that your mosaic is close to everyone else.

Android guys, there is also a version of Top Nine on Google Play.