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Apple will reevaluate changes to its Maps after Crimea situation

Last week we reported that Apple has changed some information from your Maps apps (Maps) it's time (Weather) to show the region of Crimean peninsula as part of Russia, which disputes with the Ukraine the geopolitical recognition of the region. As you can imagine, however, Ma's decision did not please everyone.

Now, the company has responded to users who have been affected by the change by saying that they look more deeply into border issues in their services.

We would like to clarify to our customers around the world that we have not made any changes to Apple Maps regarding Crimea outside of Russia, where a new law came into force requiring Maps to be updated in the country.

We review international law as well as US standards before creating classifications on our Maps and making changes if required by law. We are looking in more detail at how we deal with disputed borders on our services and may make further changes in the future. Our intention is to ensure that our customers can use Maps and other Apple services anywhere in the world.

Critics of Apple's arbitrary decision include the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Vadym Prystaiko. At the time, the politician used a metaphor to explain what the situation of Crimea represents to him (and certainly part of the Ukrainian population).

Let me explain in your terms, @Apple. Imagine you're sad because your designs and ideas, years of work and part of your heart are stolen by your worst enemy, but then some ignorant don't give a damn about your pain. That's how it feels when you say #Crimea is a land of India.

It is unclear exactly what may arise from this ?more detailed analysis? to which Apple referred, however, this will not be the only concern of the company involving Russia going forward: recently, another change in the country's legislation requires that all technology sold in the Russian territory is dispatched with pre-installed software produced in the country at the risk of having the sale suspended, as we reported.

We will see how Ma circumvent these issues in the next chapters.

via Cult of Mac