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MM Answers: How to watch videos incompatible with Apple TV without complications, via AirPlay?

Sunday day of our column MM Answers!

Today's question:

How to watch uncomplicated videos with Apple TV without complications via AirPlay?


The year 2010 and Apple presents us a sensational news: digital content could be transmitted from one iGadget for an Apple TV, AirPort Express, and other fully wireless compatible devices. Time passed, support for the feature was improved, and Macs received the feature as well. If your content is available in iTunes, AirPlay works with incredible ease by simply using the button in the app window.

AirPlay on iTunes

But if you have content in other formats and are looking for a solution to play your movies without delay and with good quality, your search is over! Meet the Airflowis a solution for MacOS and Windows that puts saltless popcorn back as the biggest problem for watching videos at home. ?


Airflow app icon for macOS

Airflow supports various video / audio formats and even supports external subtitles. Its super-simple interface and the process of adding files, too. You can add a sequence of videos you want to watch, regardless of their format (which is great for those who have a second or third generation Apple TV, which don't have an App Store, and therefore with options like the Plex app).

Check out the step-by-step to add a video to the app and watch it on your Apple TV:

  1. Open Airflow and wait for the window to appear.

Airflow app window for macOS

  1. Drag the movie to the application window, press play and voile!
  2. If your Apple TV was not automatically selected, click the AirPlay button in the application window and select it.

Another cool thing is that you can define some aspects of the video, audio and subtitle presentation (color, size and presentation form) in the application sidebar.

Oh, Chromecast-compatible Airflow is available in beta, so free form for both Macs and PCs (32- and 64-bit versions)!

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official image

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in Apple

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