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Five questions and answers about Apple TV + | Audio and Video

Apple unveiled the new Apple TV + streaming service at a conference last week. The audiovisual entertainment platform is an enhanced version of Apple TV, a company application that provides a catalog of series, movies, documentaries and shows. Streaming will work within the existing app, and will be available for mobile devices, smart TV and PCs.

Apple TV + seeks to compete with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and Apple's bet to repeat the success of iTunes and Apple Music. The new platform promises a fresh look and exclusive content releases with renowned artists such as Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. Check out the following answers to Apple TV + questions.

Apple TV + Streaming and Credit Card Announced at Conference

Apple TV + Streaming: See what's new in the service

Apple TV + Streaming: See what's new in the service

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1. What and how does Apple TV + work?

Apple TV + Apple's new video streaming platform. In addition to providing user-unique original productions, they can also watch streaming videos like HBO GO and Hulu, or access movies and series purchased from iTunes and paid channel productions like MTV Hits. Apple argues that the Apple TV + proposition is the convenience: by subscribing to a channel or streaming, the user does not have to download multiple apps or have different passwords for each service.

To host these new features with the debut of the streaming service, the Apple TV app will receive a free update scheduled for May in the United States, and will be available for download on macOS from September. The app will also integrate with the new Apple TV Channels service, which is responsible for subscribing to and accessing content from different cable channels within the Apple platform.

Apple TV + works on new Apple TV app for Apple devices Photo: Divulgao / AppleApple TV + works on new Apple TV app for Apple devices Photo: Divulgao / Apple

Apple TV + works on new Apple TV app for Apple devices Photo: Divulgao / Apple

Apple TV + is free of advertising and has quality free and paid content that can be watched online and offline. The platform will also use the Family Sharing tool to have the user split a service plan with relatives, similar to Netflix screen plans.

2. What productions will be available?

Apple has not yet released all available content, but some productions have already been revealed in the service launch teaser. The platform is attended by a team of renowned artists and directors such as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and J.J. Abrams, who promise to produce quality films and series. See contents announced at the event:

  • Amazing Stories: the series sci-fi from the 80's receive a new version, recreated by director Steven Spielberg, for the debut of the streaming platform. His plot focused on telling stories of horror and fiction that were very successful in the past century;
  • The Morning Show: starring actresses Jennifer Aniston (Friends) and Reese Witherspoon (Big little lies), the sitcom portrays gender relations behind the scenes of early morning TV shows;
  • See: The series presents a distinctive and catholic future in which there is an outbreak of blindness caused by a virus. The production will star actor Jason Momoa (game of Thrones and Aquaman) and scripted by Steven Knight;
  • Toxic Labor: The documentary, produced by Oprah Winfrey, exposes the reality of thousands of women who suffer workplace harassment.

3. What devices will be available on?

Apple TV + service will be available for all devices of the company, such as iPhone, iPad, macOS, among others. But to the surprise of users, Apple has announced that the service will also be available for third-party products such as LG, Samsung, VIZIO and Sony smart TVs. The change in positioning regarding content portability is new to the company.

4. Is Apple TV + already available?

The application has no release date, but is expected to occur in the spring of the northern hemisphere (period between September and December). Apple TV + is expected to be available to over 100 countries.

Service subscription fees have not been released yet. Prices should be announced this year when the service is available to users. The only information about the payment so far is that it can be made with credit cards, debit cards and even with the Apple Card, a digital credit card that can be used at the Apple Store.

Apple TV + Apple's new self-produced streaming service Photo: Divulgao / AppleApple TV + Apple's new self-produced streaming service Photo: Divulgao / Apple

Apple TV + Apple's new self-produced streaming service Photo: Divulgao / Apple

5. Are Apple TV + and Netflix rivals?

There is no doubt that the company's main competitor is the Netflix platform, leader in the streaming area. Apple TV + has a number of similarities, such as the family plan, the production of original content and the ability to watch offline videos. Another feature of both streaming services is multiplatform access, which is something for Apple.

A distinction of Apple TV +, when compared to Netflix, is the availability of cable channel content, and the proposal to bring together a catalog of other streaming services. By the end of 2018 Netflix had over 136 million subscribers, so it is not possible to predict whether Apple's efforts will be enough to topple the streaming giant.

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