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Benchmark tests highlight the best smartphone performances in 2016

As soon as the iPhone 7 was launched as usual, many people have started testing the device, always keeping an eye on the results of benchmark performed by fans either from Ma or from technology in general. But another five hundred are expert tests; and that's what the Antutu did, testing several smartphones released in 2016 and listing the top ten.

Guess which ones were on top!

Antutu searches benchmark iPhones

The tests performed include smartphones that were on the market between January 1, 2016 and December 31 of the same year. The same apparatus has been tested at least 2,000 times, and the numbers on the graphs are average, not the exact results.

As can be seen in green, Apple topped the best performance ranking with the iPhone 7 Plus (181,216) and the iPhone 7 (172,001), who got the best scores. Third, we have the November release, the OnePlus 3T (163,013), and there's not even smoke from Samsung devices.

The first positions were occupied by smartphones launched after mid-2016 with amazing processors, which directly determines the performance of the devices. On iPhones, we find the A10 Fusion, which is original from Ma; Already on Androids, the best devices have Snapdragon 821 while Vivo XPlay 6 and OnePlus 3, with Snapdragon 820.

Antutu search iDevices benchmark

Listing only iOS devices, the lowered iPhone 7 Plus is a position just to make room for the literally giant 12.9-inch iPad Pro (194,838). Third and fourth places had a very small difference, but the 9.7-inch iPad Pro (173,140) ended up in front of the iPhone 7.

From fifth place on iPhone 6s Plus (138,159), the numbers were lower than all smartphones in the 2016 ranking, including Androids. By the way, in Top 10 From only Androids, no Samsung device appeared either; the tenth place went to Google Pixel (140,340).

In innovation, perhaps 2016 has not presented so many elements. With technology getting better and better, the demand for a system that can handle the jolt is very high. We hope we can see both innovation and major performance improvements in 2017.

(via Cult of Mac)

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