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What are monthly security updates?

In addition to the annual Android updates (Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Android Oreo, Pie and so on), Google releases a security update every month to fix your system crashes. The goal is to ensure continuous protection for users and to react quickly to security issues that may arise. In this article, I will explain what so-called monthly security patches are and what they are for.

To make Android a secure system, Google has developed a monthly security update program for all devices running Android as its operating system. This program is developed in three steps:

  • The first is development. Having identified the flaw, Google engineers develop the update and prepare it for testing;
  • The second stage is the test. Google sends the update to its contributors, the smartphone makers, so they can test it on their products;
  • Once the test is over, the update is distributed to users by the manufacturers via an OTA update (Over-the-air). And finally, a public warning indicating which patches have been fixed is offered on the Android site to inform users that the update is available.
Androidpit android update security program
Of course, Google security programs depend on the goodwill of the manufacturers / Google

Who implements the monthly security updates?

Of course, as you have seen, this monthly security update program also relies on manufacturers' commitment. If they do not make the effort to provide users with updates, their smartphones will remain vulnerable. Few manufacturers distribute these updates on their devices every month. Some users even wait several months for them.

If you want to make sure you receive monthly security updates, you should choose to have a smartphone like the Nexus or Pixel, as Google is the first, of course, to release the update for these users.

AndroidPIt google pixel XL 9701
If you want to get the latest monthly security updates, choose a Pixel or Nexus device / AndroidPIT

What new features come with monthly security updates?

Monthly security updates offer no new features, they simply fix system failures. Some critical flaws may allow a rogue application to control your smartphone. Fortunately, Google explained that there was never "any information about an active exploitation or abuse of these newly reported issues."

Most of the flaws were related to the code provided by Qualcomm for its components (processor or modem), but Google has corrected such errors and provides users with continuous security.

Do you think manufacturers could make more efforts to distribute monthly security updates?

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