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Rumor: Wireless charging technology on iPhones could be 2018 out of “precaution” with Galaxy Note7 controversy

We've been seeing a lot of ?proof? since last year that the big news for this year's iPhones would be the possibility of wireless charging. However, from an analyst report Harlan sur, from JPMorgan, will not be exactly so.

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Thadeu Brando

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Sur contributes the story of bringing wireless charging technology to the iPhone by adding more information. According to the analyst, Ma j would have been two years (!) In partnership with Broadcom (which has been responsible for the smartphone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips for years) to make this possible and that it would be "a key factor for Apple to perform at its best."

He also agreed with the rumor of our dear Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities), who stated that the case of the next iPhones would be made of glass to aid charging.

We believe that the rear of the glass is suitable for wireless charging as it reduces signal interference with respect to a metal box. Apple may add its own features, such as fast or extended loading, to differentiate itself from others and increase the value of its own hardware ecosystem.

Although all sounds wonderful, Sur goes against all who say that 2017 is the big year for wireless charging and claims that Ma will leave it for 2018. The reason for this would be "s" as a precaution, because of the politics surrounding the batteries. Samsung Galaxy Note7 last year.

Still, your analysis does not include whether wireless charging is inductive charging, such as Apple Watch, or whether we will see innovative technology that charges new iPhones without any physical contact.

(via MacRumors)