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Nintendo Switch controls can also be used on Macs!

Last weekend was very busy for the community. gamer. That's because the Nintendo Switch, the new console of the Japanese giant, was launched last Friday (3/3) unfortunately, not here in Brazil. #choremos

Joy-Con - Nintendo SwitchJoy-Con – Nintendo Switch

In the hybrid console presented by Nintendo, there are two distinct types of controls: the so-called Joy-con, which can be used either as an s (by docking it on the tablet or Joy-Con Grip) or as two (multiplayer); the second option the Pro Controllerwhich just a complete control. Both work by Bluetooth connection.

Pro Controller - Nintendo SwitchPro Controller – Nintendo Switch

A big diversion for fans who have already run and purchased their consoles look for every little detail and feature that the Switch offers. In tests done here and there, they have found that controls work normally on PCs and Android devices. As we know, it's usually a little bit harder to connect devices easily Apple products. However, Sam Williams found that controls also work with Macs!

Wow, a Nintendo Switch bonus I wasn't expecting: JoyCons easily turn into two Bluetooth controls on OSX.

As we can see in the picture, it is a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and it is probably running macOS Sierra. The most amazing fact is that even on Windows you need software (like JoyToKey) to map the buttons, while on Mac you just need to connect it like any other Bluetooth device and the controls already work, unlike other controls (like Xbox or PlayStation 4).

Joy-Cons, by default, seem to connect as two "units," but Williams believes it is possible that the system will only identify it as one (perhaps with the help of some software). Unfortunately, they don't work with iPhones or iPads because of the old history of devices requiring MFi certification.

Remember that Williams appears running the OpenEmu emulator application, where it is much easier to map the buttons this can be a little more complicated in other games / applications.

As a curiosity, other users reported in some forums that when connecting the Nintendo Switch to a MacBook, the console ends up working as a battery, recharging the computer instead of being charged by it.

(via TechCrunch)