2020 iPhones May Have Even Larger Batteries

2020 iPhones May Have Even Larger Batteries

2020 iPhones May Have Even Larger Batteries

As much as the batteries of the new iPhones (mainly the 11 Pro Max model) have received several accolades, the possibility of them being even better will never be too much for users; after all, who would complain about not having to recharge the device, I don’t know, every other day?

To our happiness, a new rumor about the next generation of iPhones contemplates just that. According to a publication by The Elec, 2020 models may have a almost 50% smaller battery protection module and thinner than the currently used component.

More precisely, the battery protection module is used to prevent overheating and overcharging, helping to make this component last longer and be safer. On the “iPhone 12”, Apple is supposed to use a new, custom module, which would take up less internal space on the device and be just as (if not more) efficient than the current one.

If true, the move could pave the way for a slight increase in battery capacity for the next iPhones. According to the news, the Korean manufacturer ITM Semiconductor will supply the new modules for Apple from the combination of two materials (MOSFET and the existing PCB) that would eliminate the need for a support box – which, in reality, is the “purgable” part, so to speak.

Still according to the The Elec, ITM has already supplied the new modules to Samsung, which apparently are already being implemented Galaxy S11, successful launch by the manufacturer.

As we reported, Apple is expected to launch four iPhones flagship in 2020, including a 5.4 ″ model, two 6.1 ″ and one 6.7 ″. In addition, rumors suggest that they will all have OLED screens, a new metal frame similar to the iPhone 4, up to 6GB of RAM, three rear cameras with ToF 3D technology and, of course, support for 5G.

Adding all this to a bigger battery, who doubts that the “iPhone 12” will be a success?

via MacRumors