2020 iPhones may feature more responsive displays

The last major upgrade of displays on iPhones came in 2017, when Apple replaced the LCD screen with an OLED on iPhone X.

It is now likely that the company is preparing to implement yet another enhancement to its display. gadget flagship, doubling the device's display frequency to 120Hz but only by 2020, according to the leaker @Universelce.

Apple is considering a 60Hz / 120Hz switchable refresh rate display by 2020, and is discussing this with Samsung and LG.

O leaker He is not well known for commenting on Apple's plans, but his predictions have been accurate about Samsung's rumors. As the South Korean giant produces OLED displays for the X, XS and XS Max iPhones, it is possible to make some bets on this guess.

Remember that Apple already uses switchable refresh rate screens on iPads Pro through technology ProMotion, which dynamically adjusts the display of content on the screen to increase its responsiveness and make movement smoother, as well as contributing to battery conservation.

On the other hand, the iPad Pro still has an LCD screen, so if the forecasts of the leaker this could be the first time the technology has been implemented in the OLED displays of gadgets from Apple. More than a higher quality screen, technology can also enable iPhone support for Apple Pencil in the future.

If this year expectations for the next iPhones are mainly restricted to the camera of gadgets (which may be larger with up to three lenses), by 2020 there is already a range of likely major changes, including the possibility that Apple will use chips. 5 nanometers, decrease the front clipping (notch) of appliances and adopt 5G technology.

Let's wait and see.

via AppleInsider