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2020 iPad Pro may have rear cameras with 3D sensors

With the rumors machine already in full swing for the (likely) releases of 2019, it is natural that the eyes of the press and insiders move on to the next year. It's happened to iPhones and Macs, and now it's happening to iPad Pro.

According to the Korean website The elec, Apple has plans to launch new models of its professional tablet (?) in 2020 with an important feature: rear cameras with 3D sensors. The industry cites industry sources and claims that one specific supplier, the Derkwoo Electronics, be responsible for manufacturing camera components; Mass production of the pieces are only beginning later this year, however.

The 3D sensor of future cameras, according to the report, is of the type time-of-flight (ToF), which differs from the technology used in today's TrueDepth cameras by using lasers and measuring the time it takes for them to reach a surface and back. With this, it is possible to make even more accurate captures and from much greater distances you can either make the 3D model of an object or face or map an entire mode, for example.

The rumors are hardly surprising: other sources have suggested that some 2020 iPhones will also gain the technology, which gives signs that Apple will embrace 3D with strength in 2020. Perhaps a little after the competition, quite true: the Samsung Galaxy Note10, released a few weeks ago, already has the blessed rear camera ToF.

Only information from The elec may be a little confusing: according to the site, Apple will introduce these new iPads Pro in March next year, which is contrary to expectations from the rumored industry so far we expected Ma to update the tablets as early as October. , a year after the last update and confirming the records we saw in the Eursia Economic Commission.

If the Korean site is correct, we may see Apple extending the current iPad Pro cycle a little further, and reserving the (possible) October event for further news such as the rumored 10.2 ″ iPad, the new MacBook Pro. 16 inches and the 13 ″ MacBooks Air and Pro upgrade. To be?

via MacRumors