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Download free Android APKs on your computer

Here's how to download all apps from Google Play right on your computer to install them on your Smartphone or Tablet for free.

Google Play Donwload Free

See how easy it is to download your favorite Android apps with a few clicks

If there was one thing I always thought would be useful if it existed, it was the ability to download apps from the Google Play Store directly from the site in APK format, without necessarily having a Smartphone or Tablet with Android on hand.

Searching the internet for a bit you even find some extensions for Google Chrome that allow this integration so you can download the apps for free. But they all sin in the details.

The setups that must be done to download APK direct from Google Play are not extremely complicated but can get in the way of lay users. Google Play Download the perfect choice.

Downloading Android Apps on Your Computer with Google Play Downloader

O Google Play Downloader Ubuntu is a software that uses the same API as these extensions for Chrome, the main difference is that it is already set up with an account and enabled for you to simply search for the application and download with a single click.

Google Play Downloader

The operation of the program is very simple, just type in the search field the name of the application you want and press the "enter" key.

After that a huge list with all Apps and details of them will be available, just click on which app you want to download and click "Download selected APK (s)"at the bottom.

Choose where you want to save the APK and you're done! Now just use it as you wish, moving to your Smartphone, or to test on some emulator, or even save as Backup.

Downloading Google Play Downloader

The program is totally free and its use too, just you click this link and download the .deb package for Ubuntu, to install this package just double click on it, it should open with the Program Center and you install it normally like any other software. And did you like the tip? How about learning how to install Ubuntu on a Tablet now? s click here.

See you next time! 🙂

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