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Cookies and IP Address: Hacker Access Ports?

In times of increasingly frequent cyber attacks – including involving government officials – many people have wondered about their real privacy and security when surfing the internet. Cookies and IP Address May Reveal More About Us Than We Think

We already know that when searching and searching, certain data about our preferences and interests is stored so that companies and advertisers can configure (and even manipulate) results, according to our browsing history.

The big question is how deeply a site has access to our records and what kind of information is collected. To do this, here are some key information about the two main access ports for your devices: cookies and IP address. In addition, we will also give you tips on how to improve your internet security.

What are cookies?

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<p>Obviously we are not talking about the delicious cookies in the image above. When you first visit a website, it sends your computer a small file, usually in text format, called a cookie.</p>
<p>The goal is to record your activity on the page so that when you return, some functionality can be pre-configured and customized, allowing you to save time in the search process.</p>
<p>Thus, items left in a shopping cart are not automatically deleted; you have access to the latest viewed products; Forms have already been automatically completed, along with some other advantages, because of this previous data collection.</p>
<p>Cookies are harmless and do not carry viruses. However, the danger could allow a malicious website to send a cookie to your computer, as among other things, this tiny robot file is capable of collecting: the language used, your location, your personal data, login and password. of your email account and your IP address. In the latter case, the issue can turn into a tremendous headache.</p>
<p>The precautionary measure here is always to be sure to only accept cookies from trusted pages and, for the most prudent, to clear the cache assiduously.</p>
<h2>What is the IP address (<em>Internet protocol</em>)?</h2>
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