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New USB protocol specification 3.2 will double current throughput even on existing cables

Let's all stop for a second and thank you for the existence of a small protocol called Universal serial bus. The protocol for uniting all tribes is gradually taking the place of all other interfaces to become the single port through which you can transfer data, image, sound or even energy all in a much more practical way than when We needed a cable for each of these tasks. Thank you, USB.

However, it is not because he is all that Coca-Cola that we will forget that, like any technological element, he needs constant evolution to remain relevant. And, fortunately, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group (group of technology companies including Apple, Intel and Microsoft responsible for developing the specification) is not forgetting either: today, the gang announced a protocol update that provides twice as fast transfer rates. on the USB connections. It is the USB 3.2.

For those who like the specifics, what changes here is that the new version of the protocol allows devices with the interface to act as solutions. multi-lane (which support more than one transfer stream at a time), providing two transfer bands of 5Gb / s or even 10Gb / s; that is, in practice, your transfers may be completed in half the time with the new specification. And since USB-C cables already support these transfers multi-lane you always do not have to change them to enjoy the news just have the devices support new version of the protocol.

More information about USB 3.2 will be released later this year at the USB Developer Days 2017 conference.

via MacRumors