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Nintendo lana its 1 app for Android and no Zelda, Mario, Luigi or Pikachu

After years of expectations, rumors, leaks, official statements and much doubt, Nintendo has finally released its first app for Android and iOS smartphones. However, like the Nintendo we're talking about, it's quite different from what virtually everyone expected the Japanese to do.

No Zelda, Link, Mario, Luigi or Pikachu, just the Miis. After promising and promising, Nintendo offers us the Miitomo. For those familiar with Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, Miitomo is a mix between Miiverse and Tomodachi Life, a Miis social network. The look of the Miitomo is very similar to the Miiverse and classic of Nintendo, pastels colors, rounded corners and all kind of cute.

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  Buy clothes and accessories to take pictures of your Mii / ANDROIDPIT
<p>After installing the app, you create your Mii; Miitomo has an interesting function for this, it allows you to use the camera to create character suggestions, and it works relatively well. Then you choose your nickname, and you can even choose as the pronounced name. The voice can also be changed by controlling speed, energy, depth, etc. Finally, you choose the personality of your character.</p>
<p>When you are satisfied with your Mii, you can add friends via Facebook or Twitter, unfortunately, no contact of mine is using Miitomo, so I could not add any friends. So I couldn't interact with anyone in the app. From there, just answer questions and complete missions to earn coins, points, candies and a multitude of items. As expected, you can also buy real money coins.</p>
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Miitomo's idea is to create a social network to interact with his friends through Miis. The interaction is mainly through questions asked by your character that your friends can read. There is also the possibility to visit other Kids' room to ask questions directly to them, but in this case the answers are private.

You can also take pictures of your Mii, in different positions, to share with your friends. Miitomo lets you change Mii's position, expression, add stamps, images, change background, so just a lot of options. Miifotos are in your album, which can be accessed by your friends.

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  Take Miifotos from your Mii and share / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Basically this: a social network la Nintendo. Funny? Yes a little. Frustrating? Very very much. As much as we know it's hard for Nintendo to launch anything to other platforms, everyone expected a game. However, probably the Japanese wants to create a base of fans and Miis in the world <em>mobile</em>, creating a parallel world of its own, where all information about future games will be gathered. </p>
<p> For now, they are only available in Japan.
<p>  Of course, it is too early to understand what Nintendo wants, but I only hope Link and Chimeco will soon come to Play Store! However, Nintendo to Nintendo, it is impossible to know what she wants and how and when she will do. What we have left to wait.</p>
<p>Miitomo is a free app with internal purchases, is in version 1.0.2 and occupies about 70MB of space (apart from the data, + 400MB for me). For now, only available in Japan, but should reach other countries next month.</p>
<h3>Satisfied with Miitomo or want to play Ocarina soon?</h3>
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