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Install BlackBerry Priv apps on your Android [APK]

The APKs were compiled by independent developers, so there are no guarantees about their safety. All three applications require Android 5.0.1 Lollipop or higher to run, do not require root, only the installation of Unknown Fonts is enabled. Apps may not work on some devices. Use at your own risk.


The BlackBerry Priv Calendar app looks very similar to Google Calendar, but has some extra features, such as checking for time conflicts and upcoming events when creating a new event, plus a search function that lets you search by subject, attendees , places and descriptions. Unfortunately, to use the Calendar invitations feature, you must have installed the BlackBerry Hub.

blackberry priv schedule
The interface similar to the Goggle app. / ANDROIDPIT
blackberry priv2 schedule
The events in the BlackBerry Calendar. / ANDROIDPIT

To install, s download the APK by MEGA. The app occupies about 42MB without the data.


The BlackBerry Priv physical keyboard is one of the smartphone's biggest differentiators, but it also has a very good virtual keyboard. Unlike most Android keyboards, predictive text is not shown in a bar above the keys, but loose words above a few letters. To accept and use the suggestion, just sliding your finger up the suggested word, this movement is not very natural at first, but then much easier. Word prediction is not available when entering web addresses, links, or passwords.

bb keyboard priv1
Choose the suggested word … / ANDROIDPIT
bb keyboard priv2
… drag your finger up and it is selected. / ANDROIDPIT

However, in this version you cannot use typing swipeAlso, some languages ??are not available. Another bug that word prediction takes a while to get working.

The APK is available on Google Drive. The BlackBerry Keyboard occupies about 40MB without the data.


In its launcher for Android, BlackBerry decided not to innovate much in the interface, it's basically a copy of Google Now Launcher. What's new is the ability to create Shortcuts for some functions, such as Add Event Calendar, Write Email, Add Contact, among many others.

launcher bb priv1
Similar to Google Now, but with action shortcuts. / ANDROIDPIT

As is common with many launchers, there is a search bar in the app drawer, which includes the widgets and the shortcuts. Launcher also lets you organize the latest or most commonly used drawer applications in alphabetical order and greatly facilitates the use of icon packs.

launcher bb priv2
White background and different ways to organize apps from drawer. / ANDROIDPIT
launcher bb priv3
Widgets tab and shortcuts tab. / ANDROIDPIT

The settings page includes various options for the physical keyboard, such as shortcuts, actions in widgets And what to do when you start typing on the main page.

launcher bb priv4
Shortcut to icon packs and keyboard settings. / ANDROIDPIT

The APK is available on MEGA. The BlackBerry Launcher occupies about 25MB without the data.

BlackBerry Hub

In addition to these three applications, you can also have the BlackBerry Hub on Android, however root access is required as the user will need to install various applications on the system part of the device. The list is available from source. Caution: Installing applications on your phone system partition may damage your phone..

Bonus: Wallpapers

In all, 5 BlackBerry Priv wallpapers are available for download, they are all in shades of blue and with geometric shapes. Images are at 2880×2560. Check out the gallery.

Did you like the BlackBerry experience on Android?

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