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Facebook apps were the most downloaded in Brazil in 2015!

Among the top five most downloaded apps in the country, there are four apps that belong to Mark Zuckerberg's social network. WhatsApp was the great champion.

The annual report by App Annie, a company specializing in application metrics, released the most downloaded apps in Brazil in 2015. And Facebook dominated the ranking, with four of the five most popular. WhatsApp was the most downloaded program, followed by Facebook itself, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Only in the fifth position appears a program that does not belong to the Zuckerberg empire: the MP3 Stage, focused on Brazilian independent music.

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  Facebook dominates list of most downloaded apps in Brazil in 2015 / App Annie
<p>In the Games category, the virtual pet "Pou" led last year, followed by "Subway Surfers", "My Talking Angela", "My Talking Tom" and "Despicable Me". Already among the Freemium apps (when the user can use the app free of charge but need to pay for more advanced features), "Spotify" was the champion of 2015, with "Playkids" second, "Deezer" third, "Tinder" in fourth and "Rdio" in fifth.</p>
<p>And among the Freemium games, the most popular "Clash of Clans" with "Candy Crush Saga" in the runner-up, "Candy Crush Saga Soda" with the bronze medal, the "Game of War Fire Age" in fourth and "Summoners War" in fifth.</p>
<h2>Android surpasses Apple</h2>
<p>And 2015 was also the year that Android apps consolidated their domain in downloads over arch rival iOS. According to the App Annie document, Google system users downloaded over 200 million apps, double Apple's platform (100 million). The paper reports that this growth was mainly driven by emerging markets, driven by Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico.</p>
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However, when it comes to the revenue generated by apps, iOS is even more lucrative for businesses and developers. In the case of Apple's mobile operating system, the profit growth made by apps was driven by the US, Japan, and China. Games are primarily responsible for the winnings: 75% of revenue from this category on iOS and 90% on Android.

And you, dear reader, paid for many apps in 2015 or were the free apps enough?

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