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How to create a meme on an Android phone

Even if you don't know your name, it's extremely unlikely that you haven't seen a meme. Typical phenomenon of mass culture on the internet, memes are images (private photos, movie captures, etc.) to which fun and irreverent phrases are added and later shared on social networks. If done well, a meme can go viral and gain lots of sequences and pardies.

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<p>If so far you only shared the ones you saw on Facebook, today I will show you how to create your own memes, and this from your smartphone!</p><div class=

A number of Google Play Store apps make it possible to create memes. I recommend the Meme Generator Free. Despite being in English, it is very simple to understand:

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Meme Generator Free
Install on Google Play

By opening the app you will be able to choose from a number of images already known from the meme world, or then use a photo from your gallery. Click on the chosen image.

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The app has a very wide photo bank. AndroidPIT
<p>Now is the time to create your meme. In <strong>Top text</strong> and <strong>Bottom Text</strong> You enter the texts that will be integrated respectively at the top and bottom of the image. In the windows next to the boxes, you can change the font size and type as well as the text colors. In addition, in the menu above the screen you have other customization options, such as changing the text position and adding more sentences.</p>
<figure><img alt=Aa You can modify the characters. Meme Generator Free / AndroidPIT
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You can add other sentences or change the color of the letters. Meme Generator Free / AndroidPIT
<p>When you're done creating it, just save it and share the meme on your favorite social networks, or send it to your friends via email or SMS.</p>
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And you? Know another good app for making memes? Tell me your suggestion in the comments!

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