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Tips for winning in 2048

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<p>Let's start with the basics: the goal of this game is to add even numbers until the number 2048 is reached. But don't make the mistake of underestimating this game. In a 4×4 board you have to drag the squares with equal numbers until you join them and thus make the sum. Each move will open a new home, restricting space for movement. The game is over when you can no longer make additions.</p>
<h2><strong>Helpful Advice</strong></h2>
<li>In general, my advice is not to add randomly, but to try to grow more fields simultaneously, otherwise the board fills up too quickly;</li>
<li>Always try to move in the same three directions, and choose a particular corner where to place the highest number;</li>
<li>Reflect well on each movement. Moving a house can involve moving an entire column;</li>
<li>Always keep the largest numbers close to each other. Having two 128s on opposite sides of the board leads to nothing.</li>
<p>Like all math games, there is always a more effective strategy to win, which allows us to reach 2048. The trick is to position the highest number in one of the lower corners (always the same), and when it is not possible to generate a larger number. , try to position an equal next to it. Gradually, the number of the song should grow, and the numbers next to it will be in descending order. Be careful not to move the highest number to the opposite side, otherwise another number may occupy the corner. This procedure requires so much concentration and patience that you cannot win on the first try.</p><div class=
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If you don't want to concentrate for so long, but want to beat your friends, there is a much easier but also longer trick. Simply slide your finger down once and once to the right, repeating these two movements until the squares no longer move. At this point, swipe left once and restart down and right. After a while you win!

2048 Number puzzle game
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