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Here we are again to review a puzzle made for Android. We have already mentioned in previous reviews that this type of game has great potential to become a bestseller, as it has a diverse range and challenge that ultimately tends to become addictive. Help Me Fly is a perfect example of what we are talking about: no prolixity in terms of objects and situations, but a puzzle that revolves around a very simple but effective idea. Want to know more about yourself? So keep your eyes peeled for the next few lines of our app review today.

Functions & Usage

Help Me Fly shows right away what came up with its beautiful cartoon design, although such a puzzle style is quite unusual. The plot is very simple: a small plane is out of fuel and must make an emergency landing. To recharge the battery of the plane will need to move bricks connected to each other, very reminiscent of Tetris.

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<p>At the same time, the player must accumulate stars present in the levels, leaving the least possible behind, a complicating factor, of course. For each chapter each consisting of 15 levels it is recommended to leave few stars behind. Ideal to complete the levels perfectly.</p>
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Gradually, other elements are emerging to make the action of the game more dynamic, such as lasers and transmitters that can influence the movement of blocks already from the second chapter. In all, there are 4 chapters. However, news is expected for future updates of the game.

Screen & Controls

Help Me Fly's layout immediately reminds us of games like Cut The Rope. The whole detailed game. The menus are fully intuitive and self-explanatory, and the controls essentially consist of connecting blocks and moving them across the game platform.

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<h2>Speed ??& Stability</h2>
<p>Help Me Fly did not experience any problems during our tests: no crashes and any signs of instability. Levels are loaded quickly and the game reacts quickly to any movement of the player. </p>
<h2>Price / Performance Ratio</h2>
<p>Help Me Fly can be purchased for 0.99 from the Google Play Store.</p>
<p><h2>Final Verdict</h2>
<p>Help Me Fly is a perfect combination of well-designed and fun graphics, challenge and originality. The puzzle works very simply while catching the attention of the player. Of course the app could have new variants and elements. Anyway, we still recommend it even at its current stage, which is very good. </p>
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