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Google Play Store Newest Games

You know, the list of apps keeps growing in the Play Store, and that includes games of course. This week we will deal with throwing monkeys and killer boulders. What's your favorite?


Giant Boulder of Death

The free Giant Boulder of Death app has just arrived for Android. The premise of the simple game is full of dark humor: you control a rock that has fallen off the mountain (probably in the Alps if we judge by snow) and spreads death wherever it rolls. There are different goals to be met in the game, such as hitting 20 cows or 50 trees, and the only thing that can shatter your stone is strategically placed barriers.

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Control a landslide and destroy everything! / AndroidPIT
<p>The purchase of skills or resources within the application is somewhat exaggerated, and does not go far without them. Otherwise the game has a high addictive factor, and the retro graphics that make everything square and soften a theme that otherwise could be somewhat macabre.</p>
<h2><strong>Sheep Happens</strong></h2>
<p>In Sheep Happens you play the role of an ancient Greece Olympic runner who faces obstacles of different natures. Collect coins on the way and grab the sheep to advance even faster.</p>
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Ride the sheep to win. / AndroidPIT

This racing game naturally brings a store with lots of in-app feature purchases – all to make your runner faster. Overall, the game flows smoothly and its background music is very pleasant. I highlight the jumping combinations, which can be quite fun. One downside: the game is only available in English.


This is my favorite of the week. The game is already very popular on the computer, and arrived recently for Android. With your unbelief you have to go through the different levels collecting cherries along the way and evolving in your movements and joints.

Antutu1 benchmark
The amazing centipede of the game. / AndroidPIT

Incredipede's strength is the graphics and the idea itself of such a creature. The feeling of strangeness and at the same time familiarity with it is very interesting. There are 120 different levels for you to get distracted. The app unfortunately paid, but worth every penny.

Jungle Rampage

In Jungle Rampage you take your gorilla to mysterious temples to collect coins, stars, ammunition and other extras. Also, there are enemy monkeys that you must destroy with your weapon before they attack.

Fight the other smios and collect stars. / AndroidPIT

You can get new weapons and equipment very easily and quickly in this game. Its well-crafted graphic environment and controls are learned intuitively. And the crazy idea of ??machine-gunned monkeys can be more fun than it sounds.

The Secret of Space Octopuses

In The Secret of Space Octopuses you deal with little robots in an absolutely magical world. With exceptional graphics and compelling background music, you should find the right one with different jumping combinations. Balloon tips can help you keep going (unfortunately in English).

Above average graphics in this science fiction game. / AndroidPIT

Particularly nice is the fact that the young robot is indestructible – not even the strong turbines can ruin it. After a few gagging at first, the game has taken off and is really fun. The more you play, the more possibilities will appear.


Finally, the highlight of the latest releases for Android. It took, but the game came round. A detailed analysis of the application you find here.

Stars, stars and more stars. / EA Swiss Sarl

Have you tried any of the new games? What do you think?

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