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Apple fined $ 43 million for controversy in iPhones batteries

It may not seem so, but we are already heading towards the one year anniversary of the scandal involving the batteries older iPhones (namely, iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus), in which Apple was caught in the jump quietly slowing the performance of these devices to preserve their longevity.

From then on, many waters rolled: the company publicly apologized, added features on iOS to offer users options, and opened a battery-changing program at a good discount throughout 2018.

But the story is not over yet: the Reuters reported today that an Italian government anti-trust agency fined Apple in 10 million euros (approximately $ 43 million) on charges of consumer groups alleging Ma's planned obsolescence strategy for premature replacement of its devices.

Of this fine, ? 5 million refers to software upgrades that would have deliberately compromised the performance of iPhones; the other 5 million euros punish the company for not providing clear information to its customers about maintaining or replacing the batteries of their devices.

Samsung also fined

Apple is not alone in the onslaught of the Italian organ: Samsung It also received a fine for ?slowing? software upgrades, specifically involving the Galaxy Note4 which, upon receiving an update aimed primarily at the latest Note7, had significantly reduced performance. The company will have to pay 5 million euros to the government of Italy.

The two fines, Apple and Samsung, are the first imposed on companies due to cases of scheduled obsolescence. According to a representative of the organization, the two companies ?have caused serious dysfunctions and significantly reduced the performance of their devices, accelerating the replacement process?, adding that neither the American nor the South Korean gave consumers information about the impact of the updates or ?Any means of restoring the original functionality of the products?.

It is good to note that while Apple's policy has gained the spotlight of the world press and has been publicly recognized by the company, Samsung has never even admitted to any case of deliberate deceleration of its devices to the Italian organ's fine, so it may arrive with a dose of surprise there in the offices of South Korea.

Apple and Samsung did not comment on the decision.

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