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Will you use carnival to organize your Android? What tips do you give the most messy?

Carnival is a date celebrated by some, as not everyone is keen to face congested airports, highways and streets. But one thing is certain: we all love the days off Carnival gives us. Each one enjoys these days in different ways, such as organizing the phonebook on his mobile phone.

Carnival days are great for catching up, especially those that involve our devices, which we often overlook on weekends. Update our playlists on the services of streaming, catch up on Netflix series, or clean up photos from the gallery. These are some tasks that we expect until the carnival to do!

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What are your tips for skipping this carnival? / ANDROIDPIT
<p>I'll dedicate these carnival hours myself to catch up: my photo gallery is full of duplicate images, my Spotify needs urgent help, and some games I've downloaded to test are waiting to be run for the first time. </p>
<p>Are you going to download new apps or games, catch up on tasks, or go photographing new places?</p>
<h3>What are your tips for those who will not face the clap of carnival blocks or stay up at dawn to see the samba school pass on Globo screen?</h3>
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