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WhatsApp: update brings video editing

Here's the second very useful update from Whatsapp in less than a month. Three weeks ago we had the implementation of Push-to-talk. App version 2.11.44 is now available for download, and news includes video editing and the bug fix with localization. See the details.

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See what has changed with the update. /  Whatsapp
<p>The official update has not yet arrived on the Google Play Store, but for the impatient, on the WhatsApp website can already download the new version of the application.</p><div class=

Some time ago users could not share their exact location through the messaging app. With the update, location sharing issues have been resolved, and now the location is identified with an accuracy of meters.

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The left downloadable app page (only available in English) is the right location sharing function, which needs 11 meters. / AndroidPIT
<p>Even more interesting is the new video editing function. Take it easy, don't expect advanced options like Final Cut Pro. This is a simple cut or selection of the portion to be sent. There is a limit of 1:02 minutes. All videos selected for upload will automatically go through the cut function first. To select the stretch, slide your finger across the blue bar below the <em>frames</em>.</p>
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What did you think of the update? WhatsApp gets better and better, no?

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