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WhatsApp Plus is back, but don't trust it!

An alternate version of WhatsApp resolved to reappear on the internet. WhatsApp Plus, discontinued in 2015, appeared in apk form on the website. Mobipicker, but we do not recommend downloading the app package. The reason is quite simple: it is not known who is behind the development of this app or if the apk does not contain malware!

Following the purchase of WhatsApp on Facebook in October 2014, some changes were made by Mark Zuckerberg's company regarding alternative messenger apps. Reflections of these changes were felt in January 2015, when WhatsApp Plus was forced to close its doors.

Almost a year after the official closure of WhatsApp Plus, the app apk revives at the hands of unidentified developers. The new 3.9 version of WhatsApp Plus weighs 24.2 MB and has build number 2.12.361.

As we mentioned earlier, the APK is not signed by any developer and we are not sure who was responsible for promoting this new version of WhatsApp Plus.

What do you think about these alternative WhatsApp services? Do you give confidence?