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What it is for and how to enable (or disable) Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Watch

The arrival of macOS Catalina has brought a good security announcement to part of Macs around the world: from the new version of the system, Ma computer owners with the security chip T2 will now enjoy the ICloud Activation Lock the same feature that already protects iPhones, iPads and Apple watches Good years ago.

But what exactly is Activation Lock? How do I activate it and make sure it's working on my devices? Fear nothing and these other questions will be answered below.

Activation Lock on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Basically speaking, iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature designed to discourage theft This is because when it is turned on, your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch (or soon Mac) is basically unusable if the person in possession of it does not have the credentials of your Apple ID.

Even if the device is completely restored, you can only activate it with another account by providing your credentials first; moreover, it will only serve as paperweight or as a source of parts. Activation Lock is still active even if you access Search and remotely erase the entire contents of your device.

How to activate

The good news is that in order to activate Activation Lock, you have to do absolutely nothing other than to make sure that Search iPhone (or iPad, or Apple Watch, or Mac) is active on your device, and since most people turn on the feature already in the initial setup of the device, chances are you already have Lock on without even knowing it.

To check if Search is active, just go to your iPhone or iPad Settings, tap the option with your name and click ?iCloud?. Inside, scroll down until you find the "Search iPhone" option and check if it's active. If not, touch it and configure the feature.

Search iPhone

On Mac, the process is similar: just go to System Preferences, click ?iCloud? and check the box to enable Search Mac if it's not turned on. In Apple Watch, in turn, the feature is automatically enabled if the iPhone on which it is paired has Search iPhone enabled.

How to disable

Doing the reverse way, naturally. Personally, I don't see many reasons for you to turn off Activation Lock (it doesn't represent any annoyance in your daily use, nor does it waste any more battery, for example), but if you want to, you have to give up the Search as a whole feature. To turn it off, just follow the same instructions described in the previous section and deactivate it.

A time when, yes, it is important to do this when you are falling apart yours device. A, before handing it over to someone else (for someone you sold, for example), turn off Search and then delete all data from the device.

Is it possible to bypass Activation Lock?

In few words, at the. If you are in possession of a device locked by the feature and do not have access to the Apple ID attached to it, some steps can be taken to try to recover it but there is no guaranteed route or anything.

If the Apple ID in question is yours and you do not remember the email address or password linked to it, you can go to this page to retrieve them. If you don't even remember the answers to security questions, you can try to make an appointment at Apple (by phone or in person at one of the company's stores) to check your options; If you have the device invoice or proof of purchase, the company can help you remove the Activation Lock.

If the device is someone else's, the best option is to contact her to have her unlock the device for you. And always remember, before purchasing a used iPhone / iPad / Mac / Apple Watch, to make sure it is properly unlocked and free to use Ma's stolen handset market, after all, very strong and will be weakened if we take it. these simple safety measures.