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Try the Moto X camera app!

Last week the folks at the Android Police revealed screenshots showing the camera of the Moto X. For the weekend they also made available the APK of the application for download. I downloaded the program on an HTC One and a Galaxy S4. Check out the details.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
So far only in English: the Moto X camera app. / AndroidPIT

Minimalist and intuitive

On Galaxy S4 the camera's basic functions worked without problems. Everything shown in the leaked screenshots also worked well in my test: one-touch photos, one-slide zoom, as well as the switch to the front camera and the opening of the gallery menu. Also the serial photos holding the finger on the screen worked, but the camera did not take more than one photo per second.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
The tutorial after the start of the app./ AndroidPIT

Panorama mode and slow-motion video are disabled. In addition, the camera's main novelty, its wrist flick activation, depends on the Moto X's hardware and also cannot be reproduced. Finally, some system crashes occurred when I switched from video mode to camera mode.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
Swiping right will bring up the menu. The possibilities are, however, limited. / AndroidPIT

Not for all appliances

On HTC One I was able to install the app only after several attempts. The slow camera was on, but after a short video the app froze and could not be recovered. After a fresh installation an error message appeared again. What's worse, the HTC One's native camera has also stopped working, and just restarting the device solved the problem.

Conclusion: worth a try

The Moto X camera is compatible with other devices only in part. After testing with the S4 my impression was mixed: the minimalist interface pleased me, the focus function and photo with very practical touches. However, many functions and effects are missing from other camera apps. Since the app was made for Motorola smartphones, I'm sure it will have several other functions on the original devices.

If you want to try the app, you will need to look a little further as Android Police removed it from the internet. On other sites it is still available. The app does not replace the camera's native app, unless your device is another Motorola (in this case, a better backup first). Download, as always, at your own risk.

Have you taken the test yet? What was your impression?

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