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Top 10 Linux Desktop Themes (Icons and GTK)

Do you like to customize the interface of your Linux distribution? So this article was made with you in mind! Let's get to know and compare the top 10 themes currently available for Linux distributions.

Best cones and GTK themes for Linux

It is difficult to make a list of "best of anything"and please everyone, so I want to make it clear that we are taking a number of things into consideration here, including popularity and constant updating. Another important thing for you to know is that we only choose themes that have a" pair ", that is, projects. which have a cone theme and GTK or that combine very well with another, besides, this is an important point, the themes are GTK and in general they usually work well in all distros that use it for the design of the themes, which in this If you exclude KDE Plasma in many cases, unfortunately, however, cones, even in KDE, should work without problems.

Depending on which version of GTK your distribution uses, one theme may be better compatible than another. Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE, Pantheon Shell, Budgie Desktop, Unity, and MATE often respond well to them.

All themes will have links to your pages, where you can download and install them, on these pages there are usually also instructions for installing themes, but even so, if you don't know how to install and activate themes, I recommend that you watch this video, he is one of the oldest in the channel, but still serves very well for these purposes. Each interface has its own way of changing themes, so try to understand how your distribution handles this kind of thing, but the installation itself, when done manually, is done the same in any district, regardless of the interface.

– GTK themes should be extracted into the .themes folder (hidden folder inside your home).

– Cone themes should be extracted into the .icons folder (hidden folder inside your home).

If these folders do not exist, you can create them without problems, but don't forget the "." (dot) before the name, as they must remain hidden. Normally to display these folders in file managers you must press the key combination "Ctrl + H"in KDE Plasma we have one feature, the shortcut key"Alt +."

The themes listed here are not necessarily in an order of best to worst, "ugliest" to "prettier", or on the contrary, so feel free to comment on which theme you like best.

Top 10 GTK and Cone Themes for Linux

Let's start our short list with the theme:

1 – Papyrus

Papyrus Cone Themes The Papyrus icon theme has a few variations, including an elementary OS-specific version, and a dark-interface GTK theme version. The theme Papyrus blends well with the theme OSX Arc Darker.

2 – Paper

Paper Theme The Paper theme consists of an icon theme and a GTK theme, which ensures a certain harmony to the set, there is also a small variation of icons called Paper Dark. Both can be downloaded from from the project's official page.

3 – Numix

Numix Theme This is one of the most popular themes in the Linux world and perhaps the most comprehensive as well. The Numix project has cone and GTK themes and still has some great variations, such as the Numix Circle, It follows the same design concept but with rounded cones. There are variations of dark themes too and even a set of wallpapers and plymouth theme made by the Numix team. All this and much more you find on the project's official page.

4 – Moka

Moka Theme

5 – Arc Theme

Arc theme Like Numix, the theme Arc Maybe it's one of the most popular in the Linux world today, it has very interesting variations, like the OSX Arc I mentioned in the first topic. The project also has an icon theme that fits very well with your proposal. You can download it and get information from the page on GitHub dedicated to him along with the Arc GTK theme.

6 – Nitrux / Luv

Nitrux Luv The LUV theme, coming from the Nitrux project, also a nice set, it blends very well with the GTK Adapta theme, which you'll see later here in the list. You can download it fromthrough your GitHub page.

7 – La Capitaine

La capitaine For people who enjoy macOS, this theme seeks various inspiration from the icon theme of macOS El Capitan, hence the name. I find this one particularly beautiful. He looks great with the GTK Sierra theme. You can download La Capitaine on the project page.

8 – Xenlism

Xenlism This is another beautiful set of icons, Xenlism has some color variations as well, but the pattern is blue which you can see in the image above. It fits very well with the GTK Sierra from the previous topic and with the window borders of the ARC theme, note that here some blends begin. You can download the theme of icons from your official page too.

9 – Faenza

Faenza Theme Faenza is one of the classic themes of the Linux world, it was one of the first ones I used at the time of Gnome 2, and among us, it's still very beautiful. Faenza has some variations to adapt to the GTK themes they are working on, such as Faenza Dark and Darker, and specific adaptations to the Ambiance and Radiance themes, the Ubuntu standards so far. In the image above I am combining it with the Arc Darker theme. You can download Faenza and get more information. through your page on DeviantArt.

10 – Adapts

Adapt The Adapta theme has a very modern look, inspired by the Material Design that Google uses on Android, an interesting combination of making it use the Pop theme, developed by System76 for Ubuntu, which this combination is represented in the image above. The Pop Theme itself is nothing more than a variation of Adapta. You can download GTK theme Adapts here, or download Pop theme with cones and GTK on here, The variation is not so great.


Of course there are many other icon themes, right here on the blog you find various themes and various icons different to install, but this is what I believe is the main selection we currently have. Of course, it is interesting to note that you can make a mix of all these shown in the post in composition with others including that are not here in this Top 10.

Feel free to say which is your favorite combination and add others that are not here.

See you next time!

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