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Three Ways to Find Out How Much Your Taxi Race Will Cost

Skydiving, swimming with sharks, climbing a volcano … no extreme sport compares in adrenaline to taking a taxi in big cities with no idea how much it will cost. It's an adventure that would leave any of the Indiana Jones slippers.

But there are already apps that soothe the weakest hearts and let you know how much we'll spend on a race of the kind, making it easier for us to take a taxi or not. Although it is an estimated value after all factors such as traffic and the driver's bad mood can influence with these apps we can at least protect ourselves from those shortcuts, if you understand me. Anyway, let's go to them!


This app calculates taxi rides in several Brazilian capitals, such as So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Vitria, Belm, as well as other large cities. And its use is quite easy and intuitive.

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The value of your race in detail. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>First configure in the application the parameters of your race: city, origin and destination, the type of taxi (Normal, Special and Luxury), the currency and click <em>Calculate</em>. From there, the app will show you the value of the trip (both on Flag 1 and 2), its duration, the distance traveled and any additional costs. In the tab <em>Details</em>you can click on the option <em>Path</em> and view the route in segment by segment. </p>
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One of the most popular txis calling apps recently introduced the feature that estimates how much we will spend on a trip.

Before ordering the taxi on 99Taxis, know how much it will cost! / ANDROIDPIT

Once you have set your home location, you will see in the field Destiny to dust Calculate Rate. Enter the location you want to go to and as soon as you hit Enter you will see just below the map the estimated value of the race. If it fits the price, select the other parameters (Optional, Payment Methods) and click Confirm Order.

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Last New Year's Eve, Uber got into a damn polemic because its Dynamic Rate algorithm that determines the price of the race based on supply and demand was charging exorbitant amounts to anyone who wanted to use the service (to be clear: the user was warned of this). And many ended up using it without first estimating how much the trip would cost. The surprise in the end was very unpleasant.

And worse than the feature Rate Estimation It is very visible in the app interface. It appears just below the map and becomes available as soon as you enter your home location. Click the feature button, enter your destination and the race value will appear in bold letters. Simple, isn't it?

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Uber was the first to have the ability to estimate the price of races / ANDROID
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And you? Do you know any other way to know how much your taxi ride will cost? Tell us!

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