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This is one more function that Android N can reserve for us!

With each new version of Android, Google takes the opportunity to incorporate some manufacturer functions, which means that modified versions of Android have to be adapted to native support. Apparently, Android N finally support Stylus pen, at least what a Samsung API indicates.

Samsung is probably the manufacturer that adds the most functions to Android. We all know how heavy TouchWiz can be because of this, but we also know that OEM works incessantly to bring news, for better or for worse.

When Google incorporates functions natively, the manufacturer needs to adapt and remove the function as it is no longer needed in the code. This was the case with Motorola and the Assist service, which was eventually incorporated by the operating system in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version.

The unveiling of native stylus pen support came through the Look API (Look offers specialized widget and service components to extend the functions of Samsung Android devices):


  • Edge Single Mode
  • Edge Single Plus Mode
  • Edge Feeds Mode
  • Edge Immersive Mode (be deprecated on Android N)


  • AirButton (to be depreciated on Android N)
  • SmartClip (be deprecated on Android N)
  • WritingBuddy (to be depreciated on Android N)
  • PointerIcon

Google may want to save tablet market in 2016

Most of the functions that will be hacked on Android do not concern the functions of the S-Pen, and as it is one of the most important aspects of the Note line, it is unlikely that Samsung will no longer support the functions of the pen. So we can speculate that Google is preparing something in this regard.

AndroidPIT Google Pixel C 8801
Google started investing heavily in tablets with Pixel C / ANDROIDPIT

If this is true, maybe Google is finally preparing Android to work on tablets decently, since the worst of Pixel C is the software. Now expect support to be at least as good as Samsung's. From the launch of Honeycomb with the Motorola Zoom, to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 9, Google has never given due weight to tablets, who knows now, with the arrival of Pixel C, Stylus support and multi-window confirmation, It happens.

Google I / O 2016 is still a long way off, so this information is just a rumor, however, one of the many features manufacturers already include in their Android that the stock version simply doesn't have.

Do you also believe that the next version of Android may support the Stylus pen? Why?

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