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See how to save a lot by buying repackaged smartphones

Electronic products in general are not cheap, especially in light of the Brazilian reality, with high taxes that always make the cost of any product more expensive. But there is an alternative to buy your smartphone or tablet cheaper, these are repackaged products.

New Products vs. Repackaged Products

The new product is the one you already know and are used to purchasing, in its original and properly sealed packaging, including those special seals that show possible tampering and companies still advise you to refuse the product if the said seal is violated.

Actual discounts up to 50%

The repackaged product is the product that has been damaged in packaging during transportation or storage. Or the one that was purchased as new and was later returned by the buyer based on the right of repentance provided for in Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code. Below I share a video of I'm cheap clarifying what a repackaged product:

Upon receipt of these products, the company checks the contents of the packaging and resells it as repackaged, and at great discounts on the said fact. The product itself is truly new and comes with all original accessories, and comes with the same warranty and technical support as the new product.

When you buy a repackaged product, you may receive it in a generic box or in the original box with some malfunctions, these only in the packaging.

Where to buy a repackaged product

There are three major sites that sell repackaged products:, and If you have never heard of these sites need not be suspicious, the first one belongs to the B2W Group which is responsible for Americanas, Shoptime and Submarino stores; the second site belongs to the CNOVA group, owner of Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and Extra; as the third site of the Biz Commerce Group.

In them you can find new products and also a huge amount of repackaged products such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and more with real discounts of up to 50%. I already purchased repackaged products on the first two sites mentioned, including a Smart TV and a Galaxy Tab S 8.4, both with real discounts between 30% and 40%, and all arrived in perfect condition and with all original accessories.

Any purchase made over the internet allows the buyer to return within 7 days

The TV in question came in a generic box, but in new condition, without any scratch or damage, and with all the accessories. Already the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 came in the original box, but the packaging was a little damaged and with several shipping labels, but the product and accessories brand new.

20160204 132704
Repackaged Galaxy Tab S Case / ANDROIDPIT

Do not be alarmed if upon receipt of the product it comes with a label stating that it has been returned defective. Usually, many people claim that the product has some addiction justifying the return, as they are unaware that any purchase made over the internet allows the buyer to return within 7 days. This, including at no cost and without any justification, for the simple right of repentance.

20160204 132632
Label informing that first return of Tab S was by default, but the product arrived in perfect condition and has been in use for over 3 months without any problem / ANDROIDPIT

In any case, if you doubt the quality of the received device, you can simply return it within 7 days, as mentioned above. Of course, this does not mean that prices will always be much lower than those of new products, the tip is always to search and be aware to find the lowest prices, since the stock of these products are very small.

And you already knew the repackaged products or want to buy some? What was your past experience with this type of product?

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