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Scientific software and statistics sites to know and use on Linux

As with other operating systems, you can use various software on Linux to help you work. In the scientific and exact business, many developed for Windows are also made available to Linux users. In addition to this software, in this post we will present some sites that may be useful for professionals from different areas.

Scientific Software for Linux

Science has a number of different areas and it's certainly tricky to cover them all in one article, but I'll take a few areas of common interest from people and give some examples.


For those who like to venture out into space infinity or work directly with astronomy, the software Stellarium highly recommended. It functions as an open source planetarium, and aims to get the user inside many aspects of the universe. One of the features is the ability to see the sky in 3D and can also be used in projectors on planetariums. The free download can be done through the Stellarium website itself. In addition, it also has a stable version for Ubuntu via PPA. Other software available in this branch is Celestia. What sets this software apart from the others is that you can freely explore the universe by traveling across the planets and meeting stars along the way. Through the keyboard itself, it is possible to enter the immense and spend several hours getting to know the galaxy.


Qumica Linux In the field of education, Gromacs appears with evidence. Created at a university in Gronigen, the Netherlands, a biochemistry software that allows the user to simulate nucleic acids, proteins and lipids. One more for biochemistry the Emboss "European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite '. Open-source, it has a variety of functions for the user to handle data regarding the chemical aspects. Although the interface of the software site is quite outdated, in English, it can take all the doubts about how to use.

Economics, statistics and electronics

Linux Statistics and Electronics To economists and statisticians, they are several software that stand out and are very useful for professionals dealing with numbers daily. Among the main ones are Ngspice, Geda, Electric, Kicad, Oregano and R.

Among the software cited above, it is worth drawing attention to Electric. It is widely used in designing electronic components as it is a freehand tool that gives the user the option to assemble diagrams, layouts and more.


Mathematics on Linux In mathematical terms, the options are great. O FreeMat, K3DSurf, Octave and Scilab appear among the main ones. One of the most complex is Scilab, which enables the mathematician to make very deep scientific applications, widely used in engineering. Octave already has many tools for solving common problems of numerical linear algebra. Just 15 MB in size, the software, developed by John W. Eaton and other industry experts, is also free to download. These above-mentioned software from various branches (astronomy, biochemistry, economics, statistics and mathematics) are just a few among a wide range of options that the Linux distribution user can find for complex tasks. Among the many others available on the website Linux Links It is possible to see more than 40 some that we have already mentioned here in distinct areas.

For less complex but equally useful jobs, especially schools, let's not forget about LibreOffice Math.

Useful and curious sites

Useful sites They are several, with distinct languages ??and branches. Ethnologuefor example one that stands out. For those curious to know the languages ??on Earth, it is possible to search in which languages ??and dialects are spoken in each country. In Brazil, it appears that this site has more than 200 cataloged, probably much more than you thought, right? In sports, if you like poker, for example, then you need to know the custom calculator that acts in this sport and that can be very advantageous for those who practice. J o CiteSeerX It is important for those who produce scientific articles. He has a great deal of success in various subjects in books and specialist publications, and also serves as a reference for ordinary writing or everyday reading.

Google Books itself can be good for reference and research and a little better known. Obviously there are many other options and software and interesting sites for those who like data, so crate the article and put in the comments those you know and have not been commented on here.

See you next time!

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