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Samsung wants to bring its apps to iPhone users!

Despite being the largest maker of Android devices, Samsung does not want to rely solely on Google's system. That's why the South Korean company decided to develop versions of almost all of its applications for the main competitor of the green robot, that's right, Samsung Apps are coming to iOS!

Samsung plans to bring Gear Fit Manager, S Health, Remote Control, Family Square, Level and Smart Camera to iOS. The reason would be to allow Apple users to use Samsung devices such as Gear Fit, Gear S2, Galaxy View, Level accessories and SmartCameras with their iPhones and iPads.

With this support, the company would allow for greater integration of the Internet of Things, and perhaps become the only intersection point between Android and iOS.

androidpit Samsung Gear S2 10
IOS support is coming to Gear S2 / ANDROIDPIT

According to SamMobile, development of these applications is already underway, but there are no dates, deadlines or confirmation from the manufacturer. However, this makes a lot of sense for Samsung, as it would turn its operating system, Tizen, into a kind of translator between Android and iOS. This would allow anyone with an iPhone to control Galaxy View with it, for example, while using S Health on both devices to track Gear Fit or Gear S2 exercise data.

We don't know Samsung's plans, but apparently the company wants to become a kind of Internet of Things hub, with its devices being compatible with the major players in the market, ensuring that most can freely use its products.

Now the question is whether communication between two or even three operating systems will be smooth and smooth.

Will Samsung be able to conquer iOS users?

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