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Safari and other browsers are hacked into hacker competition; iPhone 11 comes out unharmed

If you like to catch up on the Pwn2Own hacker conference news, surely love to know that in the China, a very similar event occurs annually. It is the Tianfu Cup, a Chinese hacking competition that arrived this month in fact its second edition, the event was created after the Chinese government banned local hackers from participating in international competitions such as Pwn2Own for fear of having secrets revealed to other nations.

In 2019, the event took place last weekend in Chengdu city. And we had the usual victims: three of the most popular browsers in the world Chrome, Safari and Edge were hacked by hackers who took cash prizes and trophies for their achievements.

In the case of Safari, the victorious hacker was @CodeColorist, who discovered a (partially successful) breach in Apple's browser and earned a bonus of $ 30K. Chrome has had two successfully exploited vulnerabilities, while Edge has been hacked on three occasions although, it should be noted, we are talking about the current (and soon obsolete) version of the browser, and not its revamped version that will arrive early next year. .

On the second day, the 360Vulcan team (which eventually won the competition with $ 382,500 attempted to exploit a potential iOS vulnerability using a iPhone 11But it was unsuccessful: The group eventually gave up on what was done in the middle of the process, in what was the most awaited session by those present, and even so scheduled to be the last before the conference ended.

Among other software or devices successfully hacked at the event were the Office 365 suite, Adobe PDF reader, VMware Workstation, and D-Link DIR-878 router. Not bad, huh?

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