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Researchers develop Fribo, rob to help homeless people socialize

Researchers from South Korean Universities Yonsei and Kaist presented the rob Fribo, which is designed to help young people living alone to socialize with their friends.

It only works if you and your friends have a Fribo in each house. Together they create what researchers call "virtual living space." To do this, the robot listens and identifies the activity at the user's home and uses it to encourage them to talk to each other for messages.

By using microphones and sensors, Fibro knows when the user comes home, turns on the lamps, opens the fridge or starts washing clothes. According to the developers, this information is shared anonymously with the rest of the group.

"Oho! Your friend just opened the front door. Has anyone just got home?"suggests the robot. From there, other users can demonstrate their approval by tapping twice on the table near the robot. Upon acknowledging this, he sends a message in the chat group to start a conversation.

The scientists presented the Fribo at ACM / IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction They also interviewed 4 groups of young people who tested the robot for more than 1 ms. At least the initial reactions to the project were positive.

"I can imagine what my friend is doing and I feel like we live in the same house, but in another room. Like sharing my daily activities with my friends. I usually wake up late in the morning, but when I started noticing my friends getting ready early, I started thinking about starting the day early with my friends. "– Report of one of the young people who participated in the tests

Via: The Verge