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RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) | AndroidPIT

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) brings to Android a classic of the late 90s PC racing games. The rather trivial plot, as well as many similar games, with cars facing each other on the way and collecting objects for if it comes to an end first. Keep reading our review to learn what this app can offer.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) is a classic racing game. Since the 1990s, it has always been present in PC and console game form. It's time for the game to be released to mobile devices. The game is a challenge of miniature cars through domestic layouts, such as courtyards, for example. Obstacles on the track are home objects: a basketball or tool can be trickier to get around.

At the same time, cars collect various objects, bonuses, nitroglycerine and accelerators of various types, elements that make the race even more unpredictable and interesting. In the app store you can pay for unlocking Clockwork Orange mode to experience the game in its traditional form. This option costs 2, but is not mandatory.

In short:

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) is a great adaptation of a game that was very successful in the history of video games. The Android version is undoubtedly a great solution for those who love racing games.

Screen & Controls

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) was primarily designed for PCs and consoles, but its graphic is completely adaptable to different platforms, including Android. We cannot, however, say the same of controls, which seem not to have reached the standardization of consoles. Of course racing games on the touchscreen display are not easy, but that also does not mean that the game is impossible to play.

Speed ??& Stability

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) worked perfectly on our test tablet, ie stably and smoothly.

Price / Performance Ratio

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) can be purchased for 3.46 on Google Play. Given the great quality of the game, we consider the price quite fair. There is a free trial version. We highly recommend.

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