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Qualcomm says Apple owes him $ 7 billion in royalties

The long soap opera that still drags between Apple and the Qualcomm in courts around the world just won a new chapter. After the latest defeat in Germany, the microchip giant now said last week at a California hearing that Ma would be owing about $ 7 billion (approximately R $ 26 billion) in payments of royalties late.

According to the Reuters, the charge was made in a federal court in San Diego, where Apple maintained its position of not paying royalties Qualcomm for considering improper charge. Ma's argument that its partner / competitor profits doubly: first by selling the pieces themselves that equip the iPhones and then by charging them royalties that Apple needs to pay (through its automakers in China).

The dispute, based on this initial charge, unfolded into a series of lands: Qualcomm accused Apple of passing on its secrets to Intel, one of its biggest competitors, and even called for a ban on importing iPhones to the United States. United. Ma, in turn, sued the giant alleging abuse of influence and overpriced patent licensing.

Where this will all end, no one knows. What I do know is that if at some point we had a glimpse of a possibility of the soap opera ending, I believe we were mistaken that the soap opera will still unfold for many miles until we find some remnant of solution.

via MacRumors

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