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Procon-SP notifies Apple and Google of FaceApp privacy policy

Just look at the proportion that you can take an application-related policy that turns into a fever for about two days for making people look old: we have already published an article talking about the privacy policy uncertainty of the FaceApp, and now the Procon from So Paulo is expressing the same doubts.

The agency has issued notifications to those responsible for FaceApp and also Apple and to Google, owners of the app stores through which the app is distributed. The idea is to get more information about FaceApp's use of photos and user data; Companies should clearly specify what type of information is stored by the application and for how long.

Here is an excerpt from the note published by Procon-SP and released by Brazil Agency:

Information released in the press states that the application license contains a clause authorizing the company to collect and share consumer images and data, without explaining how, how long and how they will be used. And yet, these permits are not available in Portuguese.

According to Procon, current app clauses are ?generic? and do not clearly state the nature of FaceApp's use of user data. The notification extends to Apple and Google (which, at least directly, have nothing to do with the deal and whatever FaceApp's business model is) because companies would be "acting in accordance" with Google's privacy policies. app by distributing it in your stores.

Let's see how this story will continue

via UOL

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