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Overheating of MacBook Pro 2018 with Core i9 Causes Concern

After a review video posted on the 17th by Dave Lee, YouTuber with 1.4 million increments, the MacBook Pro 2018 received criticism about some of its features. Lee says notebook performance declined after a few seconds of high intensity work, editing a video on the Adobe Premiere.

Thermal throttling: limitation of equipment performance when it overheats

As a way of trying to get around the problem in a humorous way, Lee ps your notebook in the freezer, which brought a good result: the rendering time of the video you were editing was approximately 40 minutes to 27.

"This MacBook i9 can't even maintain its base clock speed. Forget about Turbo Boost, it can't even maintain the 2.9GHz base, which is absurd. This unlocked and overclockable CPU, but all the potential of the CPU wasted within that carcass and its thermal solution ".

– Dave Lee, Youtuber

It is important to remember that the Youtuber test used only one application, Adobe Premiere, which is poorly optimized for MacOS and a single MacBook Pro model. That is, it is not yet known whether a general line failure or a specific problem.

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