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OpenShot 2.3 Releases New Picture in Picture Tool and More Features

Anyone looking for a relatively simple video editor to use on Linux can end their search for OpenShot. Although simple, it has been adding cool features to make it even easier and automate the production of home video editors, check out the news that version 2.3 brings to you.

New version of OpenShot video editor

I think OpenShot is perfect for those who want to do simple editing, cut a video here, put a transition there, put in background music, etc. And despite that, it still allows for some more advanced buildings, especially after this last release.

OpenShot 2.3

Jonathan Thomas, the editor's lead developer, released a video where he explains and demonstrates a little more of the news of this version:

The great advantage of this new version seems to be the easy transformation tool, which allows you to create even motion animations simply, with keyframe-based motions, but without the need for advanced knowledge of this type of feature.

Another thing I can not help but comment on the return of the razor tool, yes, OpenShot has always allowed cuts, but since version 1.4.3 the scissors cone has ceased to exist, forcing it to use The shortcut key "Ctrl + K" to make the cuts, something that for production can be even effective, but for the lay public a little bit complicated, by the way, the shortcut is still working, with the difference that now only uses whoever wants.

There are several other interesting changes that you can refer to directly from the video editor's official website, just click here, there are some really cool examples.

Ubuntu and other systems installation

OpenShot has versions for Linux, macOS, and Windows distros, and all the files you need to install it on your computer are found on the project download page, including even the application source code.

In terms of "Linux", OpenShot is officially distributed in only two ways, via AppImage (for any distro) and through PPA for Ubuntu and its derivatives.

Who already uses PPA ppa: openshot.developers / ppa You only need to keep the system up to date to have the latest version of the app. Who does not have, just add:

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