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New MacBook Pro Faster Than Old, Even With Same Processor

In addition to the screen and the new Magic Keyboard 16-inch MacBook Pro, launched last week, another (big) attraction the machine processing. But how does the latest model of Ma's flagship notebook fare compared to its predecessor (15 ?)?

As soon as it was released, some tests benchmarks Preliminaries suggested that the performance of the new MacBook Pro was similar to the 15 ? model, updated earlier this year (and now discontinued). Now the YouTube channel Max tech put the two machines side by side, and the results here were positively different.

According to testing, the latest model showed significant improvements over the 15 ? version, despite the fact that the processor is identical on both machines which, in this case, the 2.6GHz six core Intel Core i7 chip ( with Turbo boost at 4.5GHz).

As we know, the chips heat up as the notebook used and, when under intense tasks, can reach very high temperatures. When this happens, processors slow down to prevent overheating which is called thermal throttling, or thermal control.

To counteract this, the slightly thicker 16 ? MacBook Pro boasts new fans that promise a 28% increase in airflow and up to 35% in heat dissipation (compared to the 15 ? model). In practice, this contributes to the 16 ? model maintaining better performance than the 15 ? version even under high temperatures.

Specifically, the newly launched model can maintain the speed of the clock in 3.35GHz under a temperature of almost 100C, whereas the peak of the 15 ? model was 3.06GHz under the same conditions (about 10% slower).

Numerically, benchmarks More recent studies have shown that the 16 ? MacBook Pro is approximately 10% faster than the previous model, with tests multi-core point to a score of 5,667while the 15 ? model got 5,164 points. These tests, however, take place in a matter of minutes; With the improved thermal system, the idea that the new MBP will sustain higher performance for much longer.

The difference is even bigger when it comes to graphics: the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 16 ? model received a Geekbench 5 Metal score of 21,328, a stark improvement in 12,954 points of the GPU that equipped the 15 ? version.

, another ?thumbs up? for the new MacBook Pro! ?

via iClarified

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