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Linksys Introduces Velop System for WiFi Mesh Dual-Band

The company specializing in network equipment, Linksys, introduced its new product family Velopwith solutions of WiFi Dual-Band Mesh for home consumers.

Check out WiFi Mesh technology, which promises to solve wireless internet signal problems

According to the manufacturer, packages with Velop line routers include smaller, more affordable Wi-Fi network systems than is common in the market.

WiFi Mesh technology was developed with the purpose of creating Wi-Fi networks that have a wider range than possible with just one router. Usually people turn to signal repeaters or other routers for the task, but this usually results in inconvenience to the user.

To address this, WiFi Mesh works smartly, with all signal generators working together to determine how the best way to deliver wireless internet to the user.

"Velop is now the most flexible full WiFi Mesh system on the market. We have a Velop offering that fits the environment of any home or small business, as well as options for different service packages to deliver the best WiFi experience for all devices. Our new Dual-Band Velop offers the price-performance ratio that our customers are looking for along with all the intelligent software and security features that keep being updated for real-time access to the latest enhancements. "– Linksys Official Announcement

Linksys Velop solutions are available in packs of 1, 2 or 3 routers. The cheapest version costs $ 129 in direct markets in international markets, while the others go for $ 199 (2 routers, $) and $ 299 (3 routers). The products will be on sale from May 15th.

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